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The Frames

Each frame is hand cut and carefully assembled from scratch by a team working from a Melbourne workshop. They deliver gallery quality, archival printing and hand made framing to clients all across Australia so you can be assured this is a premium product.

In fact, they have been making frames for over 30 years - read all about it here.

All timber is locally obtained from sustainable sources. Covering the image is 3mm Plexiglass (an alternative to glass) which is not only museum grade, but also lighter than glass and helps to protect the artwork from UV damage. Plus the added advantage of being shatter proof! The frame includes a stainless steel hanging wire so it's ready to be added to your wall.

All frames are produced from locally-sourced Victorian ash which has been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. FSC certification provides the highest level of protection for rare and endangered forests and wildlife of any existing forest certification scheme and is the only system that mandates consultation with local Indigneous Peoples.

The artwork is printed onto 300 gsm 100%cotton rag which is considered the most environmentally-friendly photographic paper as it uses no tree fibres, instead it is produced from a recycled by-product of the textile making industry. While the cotton industry itself has much to answer for, as this is a by-product, it is considered to have low environmental impact as no cotton is grown specifically to make the paper stock.

When delivered, your artwork will be wrapped in Polycell EcoPure, a biodegradable bubble wrap alternative which is designed to degrade plastic in a landfill overtime. The frames are packaged in cartons from 3BC stock which are comprised of 77% recycled content, and 33% from FSC certified kraft fibres that are sourced from Gippsland in Victoria.

Keeping it simple, I offer a 300 x 300mm (small), 600 x 600mm (medium) or 900 x 900mm (large). Options include with or without a white border.

All artwork is printed onto a 300 gsm 100% cotton rag.

The Photos

Most images in the collections have been shot on a Yashica-A medium format film camera which was created and available to purchase in c. 1959.

To take an image I hold the camera at waist level and look down into the viewfinder which shows the reflected image of the scene. It's a little tricky to get the hang of as the mirror in the camera reverses the viewfinder image - so if you are moving to the left or right the subject seems to move in the opposite direction! The camera only shoots in a square format with each roll of film taking twelve 6cm x 6cm negatives on 120 format film.

You can read more about the camera here.

My Yashica-A camera belonged to my Nonno and was found when our family were clearing out my grandparents home after his passing. Upon discovering it I was immediately excited but honestly didn't feel confident it would be usable. Unexpectedly it did work, and in fact it produced amazing images! I find it incredibly rewarding using this camera for many reasons, but mainly as a nod to my Nonno and the family photos he took. I feel proud of the work I've created and love the nostalgic feelings that comes with using this camera.

No, all rolls of film are sent to the US for development and scanning by the amazing team at Richard Photo Lab. I wouldn't go anywhere else!

The Store

Please email hello@amandaalessi.com for custom print size options.

Yes, please email hello@amandaalessi.com for custom print sizes. Please keep in mind most images in the collections are square (aspect ratio of 1:1) so not all frame sizes will be appropriate e.g. 5 x 7".

The artwork will be delivered to your door in two weeks from the purchase date. Please note due to COVID 19 there are currently delays - more info can be found here.

No, online only. Being a full time photographer, I work from my home office (thanks COVID) in Richmond, Melbourne.

Due to the custom nature of the artwork, no refunds can be given due to a change of mind. Please ensure all order details are correct prior to purchase.

If you are unsure what size is right for you please email hello@amandaalessi.com.

Please contact Amanda Alessi via email (hello@amandaalessi.com) immediately if your artwork is damaged so that it can be rectified.

It's free delivery Australia wide!

No, currently shipping is only within Australia.

Have more questions? Please contact me here or email hello@amandaalessi.com